• Aspiring Photographers

    Take the leap, pick up that camera and start shooting! It's easier than you think, you just need a little guidance!

  • Weekend Warriors

    Hone your craft with new skills and become an industry expert!

  • Seasoned Experts

    Even photographers at the top of their game need to keep learning. If you're not growing you're dying!

Have you struggled with photography because...

  • You struggled to set up the shot?

  • Post-processing seemed all too daunting?

  • You couldnt figure out what the best gear to use was?

  • Or it just all seemed so time consuming you never even picked up the camera?

At Jack Curran Photography We Can Guide YOU Step by Step To Amazing Photos

You Need an Expert Who's Made All These Mistakes For You!

Jack Curran

While I’ve been creating photographs for over 40 years now, I've taken hundreds of thousands if not millions of photographs. Even being recently honored as the #2 Ranked Black & White Landscape photographer in the world! I've made every mistake on the way, learning from each one and helping hundreds of photographers just like you!

Happy Photographers!

“Without a doubt you have some of the best videos on LR. Loved your first 'Mastery of Light' video and looking forward to more in the future. Love your work.”

Michael Wellman

“Great work, my friend. I'm glad to see you doing these tutorials for others to get amped up about B&W photography. Cheers!”

Kevin Holliday

“Jack, Thank you for your helpful and informative lesson. I have learned a lot and am applying your techniques to my images. It's obvious to me that you are a former darkroom worker and you have adapted your talent to the digital process. Please keep the good work and I look forward to more posts.”

Martin Heaps

“Just love this and all the other Lightroom tutorials you’ve put together so much to learn!!!”

Behind My Lens

“It was great to see your process with these photos. I always learn something from how photographers approach their processing from start to finish. ”

Nature Photo Guides
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Introducing Mastery of Light Vol 2

Why Would I Need a Tutorial?

Many photographers end up sitting around their house, confused and frustrated after another day of time wasted missing out on the perfect shot they thought they had. At Jack Curran Photography we can guide you step by step through the mindset and techniques needed to set up and capture your vision, so that when people see the final version they wonder how you even did it!
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Tutorial curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Let's Get To Work!

    • Dynamic Presence Elements to Consider

    • Visualizing Possibilities & Post Production

    • Adobe Lightroom Tools & Techniques

  • 3

    Take Home Points

    • Closing Remarks

    • Wait! Before you go...

    • Don't forget to download the tutorial

  • 4


    • Death Valley PDF

    • Bonus Hug Point Conversion File

    • Where To Find More Content

Pricing options

Now you can choose to pay either the regular price or split into two equal monthly payments!

Bonus material

We've added in some great bonuses valued at over $285!

  • Death Valley: Mastery of Light Series Portfolio Book

    $25 value

    A downloadable PDF of my Death Valley Mastery of Light Portfolio

  • Access Exclusive Mastery of Light Private Facebook Group


    You'll get access the members-only Mastery of Light Private Facebook Group where you can collaborate with, help, teach, and grow with fellow photographers!

  • Downloadable Master Video Files

    $200 value

    Not only can you view the tutorial in sections, but you can download the entire tutorial!


  • How is this different from Volume 1?

    Volume 2 goes much more in-depth into advanced Adobe Lightroom techniques, as well as mindset.

  • Are all videos downloadable?

    Yes! You can either watch the videos inside of our dashboard or download them and watch anytime!

  • What programs will I need?

    Everything in post-processing is done in Adobe Lightroom, but you can use Photoshop or your favorite program as well. Dealers choice.

  • What if I don't learn anything from the videos?

    If you feel like you didn't get any value from the tutorial, simply reach out and we'll give you a full refund anytime!

  • How long do I have access to the tutorials?

    Forever! You will get lifetime access to all tutorials and bonus material that you purchase.

Mastery of Light Vol 2

Let's Get Started!

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Download Only Version

For those who want to keep it ultra-simple

If you only want the downloadable video files from Volume 2 and don't need the online video player, click the link below! You'll still get all bonus material as well.
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